Michael Senkow


July 19, 2016 at Alamo Theater

I received my design education from the University of Michigan through partial work in the Architecture Department and a Masters in Information Science, Human Computer Interaction. Before IBM I had some small technical jobs at two start-ups in Boston, worked as a design researcher for Architecture professors for a few years in grad school, and Interned at Apple in Cupertino.

I was in the first group of 60 that was at the start of the Design movement here at IBM and have been with the company for three years, priorly working on Watson Analytics projects and currently aiding in building Data-Viz and both the UX and Technical sides of the Analytics Platform Design Guide. The goal is to create both a unique and cohesive identity across our portfolio of products while also making it easy for developers to get up to speed with Front-end design.

You can follow me at Twitter/senkowm or CodePen.

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Past talks by Michael Senkow at Front Porch Conference

Creating a Design Guide for Enterprise Software

For the past few months, Analytics Platform has been making a design guide for our subgroup within IBM Design. I'll go over some of the things we learned in the process along with tips on where to start. Of note, our guide isn't just another styleguide, but a mixture of FED components and describing the intent and goals of why aspects exist.