Why syntax changes matter


October 24, 2016 at Granada Theater

Why syntax changes matter: the things that make JS more (or less!) teach-able, and why that's important.

We can argue about the features of ES6, ES2015, and ES2016 until we're blue in the face, but the fact is in an age where more and more people are expected to be able to code on the web (i.e. JS), we have to consider the choices that we make to change javascript; not just from our own perspectives as developers but from the perspectives of those who will ultimately inherit what we make.

I'll discuss how javascript is becoming more (and less) teach-able, and why this impacts not only the developer community we have now, but the community of the future.

Kassandra is a software developer / educator / roboticist living in Austin, TX. Her language specialty is JavaScript, and she also works her way around C/C++, Python, Arduino, and HTML/CSS. When she’s not working on software or robotics, Kas is either drawing, playing video games, or enjoying a good beer.

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