Josh Kemmerling


July 19, 2016 at Alamo Theater
Josh is an Architect at projekt202 with experience building both large and small web applications and iPhone applications. Josh has been building sites for more than 8 years for companies like AMD, LIVESTRONG Foundation, Michael J. Fox Foundation, PayPal, Central Market and Dell. Josh has worked on a wide range of projects including everything from HTML5 and CSS3 sites to iPhone apps to data heavy web applications. Website / Github / Codepen / projekt202

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Past talks by Josh Kemmerling at Front Porch Conference

Welcome to Web Components with Polymer

As web technology evolves, developers continue to look for ways to solve an ever growing list of problems. The best solutions are the ones that are already built into the software we use. Web Components are still far from being supported by all browsers but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from its advancements. That’s where Polymer comes in. Polymer gives developers the ability to use Web Components now. This talk will walk through the basics of Polymer and how easy it is to start using Web Components today.