Design Systems: Enterprise UX Evolution


October 24, 2016 at Granada Theater

A design system is a framework of practices that bring designers and products together. It is a platform to identify, and document what to share, whether a visual style, design patterns, front-end UI components, and practices like accessibility, research, content strategy.

The role of design with enterprise organizations is expanding, spreading across product teams and influencing decision-making at higher and higher levels. This scale, paired with the array of devices, browsers, screen sizes, locales, and environments, makes it increasingly challenging to align designers and developers to deliver cohesive user experiences.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the lessons learned, the challenges faced, and best practices for creating and maintaining an effective interface design system.

Drew is a Solution Architect at projekt202, where he leads a team of front-end developers. He hails from Michigan, and before joining projekt202 worked in marketing and advertising for brands like Target, Microsoft, Toyota and Google. Drew specializes in implementing enterprise-level design systems for the web.

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