Sass: the gateway drug for designers who want to code


October 24, 2016 at Granada Theater

Today a lot of designers are learning how to code to understand the medium they work with. Some just learn the basics of HTML and CSS, but some (like me) get addicted and go a little further.

This addiction isn’t a bad thing. Using technologies like Sass & JS are a great way for designers to validate their design solutions. Designing a product is more than how it looks --it’s how it functions when users interacts with it. These tools make it easier for designer to prototype with real data and have an application that can be used in the future for usability testing.

Early in my career before I knew how to code, I created mockups that took months to complete and then passed them onto a developer. After a couple times of doing this, I felt something was lacking from the design process. Not until I learned how to code…and to do it quickly, was I able to see the deficiencies in the user workflow and interaction design.

After spending years designing sites and applications with static design comps, I concluded that this process made the final version stagnant and unintuitive. Designing from concept to completion empower me to not only focus on the visual design, but also interaction design and information architecture too. I realized after I learned Sass and lately Javascript, I became addicted to building my own designs, validating my solutions and collaborating closely with developers.

The audience will learn:

  • How Sass + JS can be used to test UX & Interaction design solutions
  • How learning Sass + JS improve process and relationship with developers
  • How it can speed up the the feedback process with product owners, stakeholders and clients
Adekunle Oduye is a Product Designer at Nasdaq OMX, where he’s part of a 30 person team designing web-based products that serve communications, public relations, and investor relations professionals. Adekunle main skill-set includes interaction/user interface design and front-end development….making him the ultimate weapon! Outside of Nasdaq, Adekunle is a co-organizer for SassConf and GothamSass Meetup, which serves front-end developers, CSS ninjas, UX mavens, and lovers for the best css-preprocessor. When he’s not creating cool software you can probably find him traveling the world or exploring the streets of New York City.

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