October 7, 2014 – Dallas, TX

Front Porch

Front-end Web Developer Conference

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About Front Porch

Front Porch is a conference on front-end web technologies for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and managers. Its focus is on web technologies, tools and workflows, and best practices for a faster, better web.

Front Porch  takes place at Granada Theater on October 7, 2014, 9am - 5pm. (Map). This is a great opportunity for attendees to improve their craft and build a stronger community in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

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Topics covered

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Modernizr
  • Sass
  • Ionic Framework
  • SVG
  • Education
  • WebGL
  • Development Curriculum
  • Capistrano
  • Node
  • FeathersJS
  • more…


Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a front-end developer for projekt202 in Dallas. His focus in front-end development is on delivering awesome websites for all devices through best practices, lean code, and effective workflows. He is the organizer of Front Porch. Learn more.

Mina Markham

Mina is a Sass-lovin' UI developer/designer in Dallas. She recently founded the Dallas chapter of Girl Develop It, and also teaches for Black Girls Code. Mina has presented at various conferences and events, including Front-End Design Conference, Distill and Passion Projects. Learn more.

Chirag Gupta

Chirag Gupta is the Director of Code Collective, Founder of North Dallas Coworking and has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University. When he is not tweeting, you can find him helping others learn how to code. Learn more.

Matthew Carver

Matthew Carver is a Tech Director at Big Spaceship and the author of the forthcoming book The Responsive Web from Manning Publications. He is passionate about concise CSS, lean HTML, and efficient JavaScript. Learn more.

Justin Noel

Justin is a former enterprise LAMP developer that set off to become an independent app developer. He launched Kids In Touch (using the Ionic Framework) on the Apple App Store in March 2014. Learn more.

Matt Baxter

Matt Baxter is a designer and front-end developer for projekt202, where he helps clients solve their user experience problems on the web and on mobile apps. As a designer and developer, Matt cares about balancing design and technology to create engaging and effective mobile apps, websites, and web apps. Learn more.

Lindsey Norman

Lindsey Norman is a user experience designer for projekt202 in Dallas. She is a firm believer that designing for the web is more than just making things “look pretty.” If you were to draw a Venn Diagram of things Lindsey is passionate about, you would find her somewhere in the middle of design, strategy, functionality and user experience. Learn more.

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner is the Director of Technology and Development at Sq1, a Dallas-based digital marketing agency. Having multiple years experience building websites and web applications for clients and various internet startups, he focuses on creating efficient developer workflows. Learn more.

Kim Lovering

Kim Lovering is a lead front-end developer for Orbitz Worldwide at one of their satellite offices in Westlake, TX. With 15 years of experience in the field, Kim has been working within the travel industry the last 6 years. Her main focus during that time has been on partner-based solutions, primarily with large national and international banks. Learn more.

David Lyons

David is a Front End Web Developer at Slingshot, an ad agency in downtown Dallas. He is passionate about 3D modeling, art, and music. David started writing HTML and CSS in middle school and studied Visualization at Texas A&M University. He is always trying to learn new things. Learn more.

Alexis Abril

Alexis Abril is a developer for Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. A UT Dallas alum, Alexis is focused on education within the community and is the organizer for the DallasJS meetup. He has spoken at various conferences and trainings around the globe, and is a lover of all things JavaScript! Learn more.

Julia Elman

Julia Elman is a designer, developer and tech education advocate based in North Carolina. She has been working her brand of web skills since 2002. Her creative nature drove her to find work at Hallmark Cards, Inc in 2007 where she worked on projects such as the Product (RED) campaign and Hallmark’s site re-design. Learn more.