Front Porch is a conference for front-end web developers to work together, build and cultivate a stronger community in the Dallas area.

The conference takes place atKessler Theater onOctober 8, 2013, 9am - 4pm. (Map)

Tickets on sale now


Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a lead front-end developer for Oven Bits in Dallas. His past gigs in Dallas includes The Richards Group and His focus in front-end development is on delivering awesome websites for all devices through best practices, lean code, and effective workflows. He is the organizer of Front Porch, and right now, he is hoping for good weather and/or plenty of sweetened iced tea for the event. Read more.

Matthew Carver

Matthew Carver is a Tech Director at Big Spaceship and the author of the forthcoming bookThe Responsive Web from Manning Publications. He is passionate about concise CSS, lean HTML, and efficient JavaScript. He is an alumni of The Richards Group and is looking forward to returning to Dallas to speak and relive his favorite tacos. Matt resides in New York City with his wife and Jack Russell Terrier.Read more.

Mina Markham

Mina Markham is a UI designer, standards-loving front-end developer and a self-proclaimed “geek in pink.” She’s passionate about modular CSS, clean markup and cupcakes. A recent Sass convert, Mina is currently making web things at Parago.Read more.

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is an IA, Designer, and Front-end developer. He began building sites late last century and enjoys hand-coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He also dabbles in design and information architecture.

He created the960 Grid System, a design and CSS framework for sketching, designing, and coding page layouts.Read more.

Jon Bellah

Jon is the lead developer for Duncan/Day Advertising, an ad agency based in Plano, TX. Jon is passionate about responsive design, CSS, and WordPress. He also dabbles in Ruby on Rails. When he isn't obsessing over code, Jon enjoys distance cycling and plotting world domination.Read more.

Jake Smith

Jake Smith is a Software Engineer at Mashery, An Intel Company. Jake has been developing websites for over 10 years and is passionate about speaking/sharing on web development topics. These days you can find Jake helping organize such groups as DallasPHP, Lone Star PHP Conference and Barcamp Dallas.Read more.

Kassandra Perch

Kassandra Perch is a developer and crafter living in North Austin with her cat and a bunch of fellow nerds. She works at RetailMeNot, where she spends her days trying to make the UI workflow easier and more efficient. She is a completely unrepentant JavaScript addict, and is especially interested in event-driven architectures, hardware hacking, and Node.JS.Read more.

Alina Senderzon

Alina heads up ZURB's Design Team. As a Lead, she helps shape the work of her fellow designers. Her greatest design strength: designing balanced, structured layouts. But developing creative concepts is what really makes her tick. She loves approaching problems from unexpected angles and pushing clients to see a solution beyond what they'd originally imagined.Read more.